Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Children's Room has more new boks from the On My Own series. In On My Own Science ,we have The Flyer Flew:The Invention of the Airplane about the Wright Brothers. We learn about their love of new inventions. One of the inventions they wanted to learn more about was the glider. The brothers read about flight and experimented with small gliders. After building bigger gliders and finding out about how to control them, they were ready to attempt flight.

In Packed With Poison!:Deadly Animal Defenses, we learn about various animals which use poison to defend themselves and/or to capture prey. From rattlesnakes and king cobras to the duckbilled platypus and various ocean animals we see how venom is used and how dangerous it can be to humans. This is another great selection from the On My Own Science series.

We have two books from the On My Own History series. The first is Washington Is Burning. In this story we learn about the burning of Washington D.C. during the War of 1812. We see this story through the eyes of a fifteen-year old slave named Paul Jennings. Paul belonged to the family of President Madison. We see the bravery of Mrs. Madison as she carries away important papers, silverware and a picture of George Washington as she leaves the city.

In Sam Collier and the Founding of Jamestown we learn about the everyday life of a settler in the colony of Jamestown. We see the hardships and the dangers faced by the men and boys who were the first colonists. Sam was one of only 38 original settlers who survived. Many had died of disease or starvation before a ship returned with supplies from England. Sam showed the kind of determination that was necessary to survive in the New World.